We act sustainably

Sustainability at Fink IT-Solutions


Sustainability is close to our hearts. Among other things, this means that openness and social responsibility are an integral part of our daily actions. Creating sustainable processes and thus generating added value motivates us to continuously optimise and set new goals.  Our everyday working life is becoming "greener" through various measures relating to ...

Use of public transport

Due to our central location in Würzburg, our employees have the opportunity to use public transport. The main railway station, various tram lines and bus connections are within walking distance.

Travel & Mobility

For us, as a globally active consulting company, visits to clients are part of our core business. We use the train as our preferred means of transport. If possible, appointments are bundled and colleagues always travel together.

Flexible working hours and home officee

Thanks to flexible working hours and home offices, our employees can choose their working hours so that they do not have to commute at peak times. Thanks to modern communication media, we can also hold many of our meetings digitally, both internally and with our clients.

E-cars and car sharing

If it is not possible to travel to an appointment by train, we offer our employees the option of using our company-owned electric vehicles in a corporate car-sharing scheme. The e-cars can be charged at the in-house charging station.

Environmentally friendly application process

Our applicants send us their documents in a climate-friendly way by e-mail. In the next step, we invite promising applicants to a telephone interview. Only then does an interview take place at our premises.

Save paper

Our company is committed to the paperless office. Processes run digitally and documents are made available to everyone electronically.

Waste separation

The separation of waste has been an integral part of our daily office routine from the very beginning. We make sure that any waste generated is properly disposed of and recycled. Employees spend a third of their day at work. This can generate a lot of waste.


We provide free fruit for our employees. Our employees can prepare their own meals in the office kitchen. We also offer free drinks, such as water, coffee and tea.


Among other things, we show responsibility towards our fellow human beings with our annual fundraising campaign for charitable organisations. We are also committed to sports, innovation and founders in the Würzburg region. We are a sponsor of the Würzburger Kickers and a network partner of the Centre for Digital Innovation Würzburg.

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