Neptune DX Plattform Accelerator Workshop

Neptune DX Platform-Accelerator Workshop

Mobilising your processes with the Neptune DXP


This workshop takes you from the basics of the Neptune DX Platform to the process analysis within the SAP system to the rollout of your first application within one day. As sample processes, you can choose from mobile goods receipt, message creation and mobile order release.


  • Introduction to the Neptune DX Platform and its modules
    • Overview Neptune Software
    • The SAP Edition and Open Edition modules of the Neptune DX Platform: development solutions for all systems
    • Classification of the Neptune DX Platform in the SAP Fiori strategy
  • Basics of the SAP Edition module: Cockpit and components
    • Designer, Store, Management, Monitor, Launchpad, Catalog
    • Practical exercises: Creating a Launchpad, integrating applications, assigning policies.
  • Introduction Neptune DXP - SAP Edition based on a business case of a model company
    • Role-based approach, working out functions with the help of user-centred methodologies
    • VPN setup: Simple deployment option to get started
    • Frontend/backend split: Central entry point with SAP Netweaver Gateway
    • Option 1: Business Case - Mobile Goods Receipt Process
    • Definition of applications within the process
    • Deployment possibilities of the Neptune DX Platform in the existing system landscape
  • Practical exercise: Creation of a "map" for the deployment options
    • IT infrastructure, authentication, authorisations, roll-out to mobile devices, selection of devices, integration
    • Offline vs. online - decision support
    • Challenges
  • Questions and answers

The seminar content can be individualised or focal points can be set by arrangement.

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