OpenText Rendition Server

OpenText™Rendition Server

In companies, the number of self-created, incoming and outgoing business documents will continue to grow steadily. The aim is to ensure electronic processing and the availability of business documents. Not only are the retention periods for business documents themselves specified, but also specifications on the form of retention. For example, it is crucial that the business documents are always readable during the retention period.

By implementing OpenText Rendition Server in your organisation, you can ensure the long-term readability of your business documents for over 300 source formats. By converting documents into secure and reliable standard formats such as PDF/a (ISO 19005-1: 2005) and archiving them electronically, legal requirements can be met.

Even the conversion of mass documents is no problem with the OpenText Rendition Server. The OpenText Rendition Server was developed to enable mass conversion scenarios and the merging of multiple source documents. With OpenText Rendition Server, organisations can quickly and securely convert very large volumes of documents into a different format, e.g. audit-proof format like PDF/A.

  • Ensuring the long-term readability of business documents
  • Mass conversion of electronic documents
  • Automation of rendition processes
  • Over 300 source formats can be converted
  • Mass conversion functions

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