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Sponsoring Partner

Fink IT-Solutions supports and promotes the following companies from the Würzburg area:


The football club Wuerzburger Kickers e.V. has its headquarters in Wuerzburg, as the name suggests. The club currently plays in the third division and is affectionately known as the "Rothosen" by its fans because of its club colours, red and white.

Fair play and the tireless passion to work towards a goal connect us with the traditional Wuerzburg club. We support the Kickers because we want to promote the region and because we find football with all its facets exciting and value it.

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The Centre for Digital Innovation in Mainfranken is the region's digital start-up centre. Start-ups and founders in particular can use the premises of the ZDI Mainfranken individually as a co-working space, laboratory, workshop or for workshops. As an interface between science and business, the incubator works together with the two universities, the IHK and 30 different companies from the region.

We are also network partners of the ZDI and are very happy to support it because innovation is part of our corporate culture and we want to actively help drive the digital transformation.

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