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SAP Archiving by OpenText

Add momentum to your SAP processes by integrating DMS and ECM solutions. An ECM strategy helps to optimise processes and thus save costs. By integrating archiving and record solutions, documents can be stored and retrieved for the process. The time-consuming and costly search can be minimised to a large extent and the transparency of processes can be increased.

SAP relies on its strategic partner OpenText for topics related to Enterprise Information Management. With its  archiving solution,  OpenText offers customers a professional solution as the first step in a digitisation strategy. The  solutions are marketed under the names  SAP Archiving by OpenText and SAP Document Access by OpenText . Behind SAP Archiving by OpenText is the OpenText Archive (formerly IXOS), which can be connected directly to SAP via ArchiveLink. In SAP, the data and document storage can then be configured so that, for example, documents can be stored and viewed directly in the correct SAP transaction.

  • Scan and archive incoming documents (late archiving, barcode)
  • Link documents to SAP business transactions
  • Archive outgoing SAP document (forms)
  • Secure archiving of  SAP print lists
  • Support mass import and mass scan

Note:  On the OpenText price list the product is listed under the name  OpenText Archiving for sap solutions and on the SAP price list under  SAP Archiving by OpenText.

Central document or data silo

The OpenText Archive, as a central document or data silo for the long-term storage of electronic documents, provides the user with document archiving and data archiving functions. The archive system is connected to SAP via the standard ArchiveLink interfaces. The solution also includes various OpenText clients for professional document viewing, scanning and archiving from the desktop.

Document Pipeline

OpenText Archiving supports the bulk import of electronic documents in batch mode, using Document Pipelines, a component of the Archive Server. The Document Pipeline processes the electronic documents in the background, archives and links the documents to the SAP business case using metadata. In this way, documents from third-party systems can also be stored quickly and securely in the central OpenText archive.

OpenText Archive Center for SAP Solutions

In future, the product will be continued under the name  OpenText Archive Center for SAP Solutions. The OpenText Archive Center also enables the central capture of unstructured data from cloud-based email systems (Office 365), Exchange systems, Gmail or from file systems. In addition, the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) will be introduced, which also enables the connection to the S/4HANA systems, regardless of whether the SAP system is on-premise or cloud-based.

Fink IT-Solutions supports you from the planning, through the implementation and right up to the operation of your solution. With the product SAP Archiving by OpenText™, you have a professional product to increase your efficiency and productivity. efficiency and productivity. Contact

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Our services

OpenText archiving concept

  • Conception of  OpenText archiving
  • Migrations (conception, technical implementation)
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and feasibility studies
  • Redesign / efficiency enhancement of existing systems

Installation and migration of the archiving systems

  • Installation and upgrade of the OpenText archive
  • Migrations (conception, technical implementation)
  • Test management

Application Management and Support

  • ServicePack installation
  • Operational management concepts
  • Requirements management
  • Operational management
  • Monitoring
  • Support

  • Central archiving of data and documents
  • Support for audit-proof archiving
  • Adherence to external and internal compliance regulations
  • Paperless processes in SAP possible
  • No media breaks
  • Reduction of the TCO
  • Drivers for digitisation strategies
  • Filing of incoming and outgoing documents
  • Professional archiving solution, also on SAP price list
  • Full integration in SAP - stratgic partner solution of SAP
  • Standard interface SAP ArchiveLink and CMIS


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