OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions

SAP Document Access by OpenText

In many projects, one of the first steps is the introduction of an electronic file, e.g. a supplier file, purchasing file or contract file. By archiving documents centrally, it is possible to create central e-files for all needs of a company. The time-consuming and costly search for documents relating to a business transaction can be minimised to a large extent and the transparency of processes increased.

SAP relies on its strategic partner OpenText for topics related to Enterprise Information Management. With the e-file solution SAP Document Access by OpenText, OpenText offers customers a professional way of structuring their documents and processes, which is fully SAP-integrated. In the first step, the documents are stored in the product  SAP Archiving by OpenText in order to then display them in the e-file.

Note: On the OpenText price list, the product is called  OpenText Document Access for sap solutions and on the SAP price list it is called  SAP Document Access by OpenText. The product is also known as DocuLink.

Structuring documents in e-files

In the SAP standard, documents are stored in an archiving system via SAP ArchiveLink and linked to the business transaction, e.g. the order. Thus, the search for a document can simply be done via the SAP standard transaction (in this case ME22N/ME23N9). To search all documents of a complete procurement process, you have to execute all transactions individually and collect the documents together. With SAP Document Access by OpenText, the documents can be structured according to need, for example, process-oriented and displayed with just a few  clicks.

ArchiveLink PLUS extends the standard ArchiveLink with the functionality of adding customer-specific metadata. Furthermore, the document information, e.g. from a Word document, can be read out automatically and used as additional metadata.

Our services

Concept for OpenText Document Access

  • Conception of the e-file on the basis of OpenText Document Access
  • Migrations/updates (conception, technical implementation)
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and feasibility studies
  • Redesign / efficiency increase of existing  e-files

Installation und Customizing

  • Installation und Customizing von OpenText Document Access
  • Migrationen und Releasewechsel (Konzeption, Technische Durchführung)
  • Kundenspezifische Anpassungen entwickeln
  • Testmanagement

Application Management and Support

  • ServicePack installation
  • Operational management concepts
  • Requirements management
  • Operational management
  • Monitoring
  • Support

  • Process-oriented display of documents, not transaction-oriented
  • Schnelle Suche von kompletten Geschäftsakten und deren Dokumente
  • Adherence to external and internal compliance regulations
  • Paperless processes in SAP possible
  • No media breaks
  • Reduction of the TCO
  • Drivers for digitisation strategies
  • Professional archiving and records solution, also on SAP price list
  • Full integration in SAP - stratgic partner solution of SAP
  • Standard interface SAP ArchiveLink and CMIS
  • Extension of the SAP ArchiveLink interface with ArchiveLink PLUS


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