SAP Forms Development

SAP Forms - SAPscript, SmartForms, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

In SAP, a not inconsiderable amount of forms are usually required for outgoing business documents such as purchase orders or invoices. The creation of a form including a "form creation process" consists of several stages:

- Data procurement through a print programme
- The form itself
- Message control

SAP delivers a large number of standard forms including the corresponding print programmes. As a rule, the print programmes and forms can be adapted to the needs of the company using them. However, there may be a need to create customised print programs and forms. SAP provides the following form technologies for this purpose:

SAPscript is the first forms technology available in SAP R/3. The technology is still used despite newer technologies. The technology differs especially in the interface for data transfer from the print program to the form.

SmartForms as the successor of SAPscript is created and maintained with the transaction SMARTFORMS. The graphical Form Builder facilitates the creation of a form. Defined interfaces are available and mass printing is well possible with Smartforms.


SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, currently the latest forms technology uses interactive forms in PDF format. Adobe Interactive Forms allows users to fill out the form on screen and save the entries in XML format in the form. After receiving the PDF form, the SAP system extracts the data stored in the form for further processing.

Our services

Design and documentation of SAP forms

  • Design of SAP forms (SAPscript, SmartForms and Adope Interactive Forms)
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical module consulting and derivation of form definition
  • Project management (project management, sub-project management)

Technical development and migration of forms

  • Development of SAP forms (SAPscript, SmartForms and Adope Interactive Forms)
  • Adaptation of existing SAP forms
  • Migration of forms (conception, technical implementation)


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