Mobile service or maintenance processes with offline and online SAP FIORI apps

FITS/Maintenance Suite - Mobile Maintenance in SAP

Digital processes are becoming increasingly important for companies today. Digital processes can also save time and reduce costs in maintenance, customer service and service management. The availability of plants is significantly increased by well-functioning, fast and mobile maintenance in SAP.

With the FITS/Maintenance Suite, Fink IT-Solutions GmbH & Co KG offers a mobile maintenance solution based on SAP PM, CS, MM, HR and QM.
The FITS/Maintenance Suite covers individual process steps of the SAP maintenance processes according to the principle of role-based applications.

The FITS/Maintenance Suite was developed on the Neptune DX Platform.
Thus, in addition to the mobile mapping of processes through Fiori applications, clear and intuitive SAPUI5 user interfaces are offered. The provision of paper documents or complex transactions is no longer necessary. In addition, the manual data transfer from the paper document to the SAP system is no longer necessary.

Neptune DX Platform

The FITS/Maintenance Suite offers:

  • mobile maintenance in SAP
  • easy-to-use and modern interfaces
  • offline-capable, mobile hybrid applications
  • support for iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Runs without middleware

The mobile software solution FITS/Maintenance Suite enables technicians and fitters to work clearly and intuitively thanks to SAPUI5 user interfaces. The data and documents are available offline and are transferred incrementally to the mobile end device. This type of data transfer enables high performance, as only new or edited data is transferred - and not all data with each synchronisation. This data transfer is reciprocal from the SAP system to the mobile end device and vice versa.

The FITS/maintenance suite is device-independent, responsive and usable on iOS, Android and Windows.

Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-GmbH relies on Fink IT-Solutions as its digitisation partner. Read in the case study which individual and modular solutions were found for an extensive digitisation project.

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The FITS/Maintenance Suite provides an overview of all assigned jobs including a barcode function for scanning and displaying the functional location. Extensive filter, grouping and sorting functions make working clear and easy. The overview of reserved and withdrawn materials, including mobile material withdrawal, also contributes to this. Based on SAP Standard, a checklist solution is provided. Furthermore, the recording of photos and videos with transfer to the SAP system and archive is possible (e.g. via ArchiveLink or KPro). In addition, the following functions are available:

  • Display of orders in the integrated calendar and on map
  • Feedback of maintenance and service orders (time, material, technical)
  • Recording of measured values and history display
  • Mobile message recording & document viewing
  • Equipment installation and removal with barcode support
  • History of the functional location of the order

Fink IT-Solutions GmbH & Co KG offers various role-based applications as well as a complete maintenance suite. The solutions can be individually combined according to your needs.

FITS/Maintenance apps

In addition to the role-based solutions, the FITS/maintenance suite is also available for dealing with all issues related to the job.

The integration of sensors makes predictive maintenance a reality. Fink IT-Solutions GmbH & Co. KG integrates sensors from machines, tools or systems, enabling flexible and predictive maintenance in SAP.

Role-based PM/CS applications

The role-based PM/CS applications provide each employee with views and functions appropriate to his or her role. For example, the technician is only provided with the orders and operations that are relevant to him for processing. The roles include, for example, "message processing", which is made available to production workers and all maintenance staff, or "operation assignment", which is aimed more at supervisors, foremen or foremen. The individual applications are provided on a responsive mobile launchpad, the interface automatically adapts to the screen size.

FITS/Maintenance Apps

Fink IT-Solutions supports you from planning, through implementation, to the operation of your solution. With the FITS/Maintenance Suite, you have an innovative solution for mobilising your processes. Contact

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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance enables you to reduce costs while increasing the availability of your machines, tools and materials.

Fink IT-Solutions integrates various sensors and their data collection into your SAP system. The collected data is analysed and further follow-up processes are started in SAP according to the set analytics logic.

One scenario is the automatic creation of notifications or orders in maintenance using the FITS/Maintenance Suite or FITS/Maintenance Apps.

More on IoT processes.

Sensors and partnerships

Through cooperation with various sensor providers, Fink IT-Solutions enables rapid integration of a wide range of machines, tools and materials - including the use of their data in SAP. This runs across modules with the latest SAPUI5 interfaces.

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Our services

  • Conception of your requirements for mobile maintenance processes.
  • Installation and configuration of the Neptune DX platform
  • Extension of the application functions and adaptations, e.g. to the company's  corporate identity
  • Training and briefing
  • Deployment study SAP PM & CS for the preparation 
    • of your SAP system for mobile solutions
    • of SAP Standard Processes for SAP PM & CS 
  • Conception of the sensor integration into your SAP system
  • Provision of proof-of-concept and feasibility study
  • Integration implementation including development of interfaces and customised SAPUI5 user interfaces
  • Training and briefing


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