Archiving documents and data

Electronic archiving

Many business documents are subject to legal and/or internal regulations on retention. The retention periods for business documents differ for certain processes. Audit-proof archiving enables compliance with retention periods for these business documents and more efficient handling of document-centric processes. Archiving as part of a document management system or enterprise content management strategy adds momentum to your SAP processes.

An ECM strategy helps to optimise processes and thus save costs. By integrating records and archiving solutions, documents can be stored and retrieved for the business process. The time-consuming and costly search can be minimised to a large extent and the transparency of the processes can be increased.

SAP offers the solutions SAP Archiving by OpenText and SAP Document Access by OpenText to meet exactly these challenges. SAP Archiving by OpenText is based on the OpenText archive (formerly IXOS), which can be connected directly to SAP via ArchiveLink. In SAP, the data and document storage can then be configured so that, for example, the documents can be stored and viewed directly in the correct SAP transaction.

The OpenText archive is the proven solution for archiving content. In the SAP ECM environment, the OpenText archive is the solution for managing individual silos (the content stores), such as SAP, e-mail, file system and connection to the structured content of the SAP system.

Technically, the OpenText Archive (IXOS) plays the "mediator" between the SAP and the storage system. The standard interface SAP-ArchiveLink is used for the connection to SAP.

The OpenText Archive provides you with a very scalable solution that has been tried and tested on the market.

Our services

Archiving concept

  • Conception of OpenText archiving
  • Migrations (conception, technical implementation)
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and feasibility studies
  • Redesign / efficiency enhancement of existing systems

Installation and migration of archiving systems

  • Installation and upgrade of the OpenText archive
  • Migrations (conception, technical implementation)
  • Test management

Application Management and Support

  • ServicePack installation
  • Operational management concepts
  • Requirements management
  • Operational management
  • Monitoring
  • Support

  • Compliance with legal requirements (retention periods)
  • No more unnecessary duplication of original documents
  • Higher performance of your SAP system
  • Reduction of SAP backup effort
  • Reduction of your SAP database size
  • Filing of incoming and outgoing documents
  • Storage of data in the external archiving system
  • Audit-proof archiving of data and documents
  • Mass document archiving


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