The FITS/Welcome Screen App

Individuelle Besucherbegrüßung mit der FITS/Welcome Screen App!


A display for welcoming visitors in the entrance area/foyer or in the waiting room conveys a professional impression and offers plenty of potential as a communication option. With the FITS/Welcome Screen application, personal and individual greetings can be set up. As the first point of contact in the company with a visitor, a personal welcome conveys a pleasant feeling. The visitor reads his name in a previously unknown new environment, which creates trust and sympathy. He sees that he is expected and quickly finds his way around the building thanks to orientation information. This makes waiting times for visitors, customers or applicants more pleasant and usable, as the most important information about an appointment is communicated in advance. Even unannounced visitors are provided with information about contact persons and information about the company.


The FITS/Welcome Screen can be created individually in your own corporate design. You can decide which content should be displayed at which time. For example, the following points can be displayed with the FITS/Welcome Screen App:

  • Personal greeting of visitors
  • News and information about the company
  • Information on orientation in the building
  • Appointment information
  • Integration with Office365 via the Graph API
  • Weather
  • Date and time
  • Everything in your own corporate design

The FITS/Welcome Screen application was developed on the Neptune DX Platform  Open Edition.

More to Neptune DXP

  • Entrance area/foyer/waiting room in perfection
  • Make the waiting time more pleasant for visitors
  • Professional impression
  • Communication possibility to visitors or also employees
  • Information provision of the company
  • Personal and individual visitor greeting
  • Simple time-controlled display of various information
  • Welcome screen in corporate design
  • Integration with Office365 via Graph API
  • Quick installation and easy operation


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