FITS/CV-Manager - Professional CV-Management

A uniform presentation of employees' skills and experience is essential in the service industry and especially in the project business. Often, CVs (also referred to as Curriculum Vitae or CV for short) are created individually by employees and are therefore not uniform. As a result, this does not contribute to a professional external presentation of your company.

With FITS/CV-Manager, Fink IT-Solutions GmbH & Co KG offers a cloud-based solution with which uniform and standardised CVs can be created. The integrated release workflow makes it possible for the CVs of employees to be released by authorised persons. Also, the master data for the CVs can only be maintained centrally by authorised persons, so that individual designations within the CVs are no longer possible. In addition, the solution contains a comprehensive role and authorisation concept.


The FITS/CV-Manager offers:

  • Central master data management
  • Maintenance and updating of own profile information
  • Creation of general or project-specific CVs with standardised data in PDF format based on profile information
  • Creation of pseudonymised CVs or OnePager
  • Creation of CVs for other employees by the administrator
  • Automated workflow for approval or rejection of CVs
  • Archiving and deletion of outdated CVs
  • Adaptation of the layout to the corporate CI

With the role-based solution, different views and functions are available to each employee according to their role. This ensures that individual CVs can no longer be created.

After the CVs are created by the employees and sent for approval, they can be checked and approved by the supervisors or other authorised persons. They are then available in the database and can be sent to clients or prospects.

Conversely, with the FITS/CV-Manager you can also find the right employees for current (project) requirements by searching the application database for specific skills or experience of the employees according to certain criteria.

The solution is based on the SAP Business Technology Platform and thus offers all standard security functions for your data in the cloud. It is provided as a software-as-a-service solution to the customer as a separate tenant.


The tenant is provided as a software-as-a-service. The experts at Fink IT will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the FITS/CV-Manager and also support you throughout the entire project:

  • Support with master data maintenance
  • Support in the creation of the uniform layout
  • Integration of the Corporate Identity Provider for Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Training and instruction

Fink IT-Solutions supports you from planning to implementation and operation of the CV-Manager. The FITS/CV-Manager is a professional tool for standardising your CVs and presenting your company professionally to the outside world. Contact

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  • Paperless processes
  • Automated approval workflow
  • Professional external presentation
  • Reduction of TCO
  • Mobile collection of profile information
  • Role-based display and functions
  • Uniform layout for all CVs
  • No installation required

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SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud, SAC for short, is a self-service business analytics tool that can be used to build dashboards. The dashboards contain live data, which is taken directly from the database. SAC can be used on its own or integrated with other SAP applications. In addition, data can be exported from the data models, which is especially useful for management statistics.

These evaluations can also be helpful for the CV manager, for example, to be able to view changes to the status of further training.

Advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Combines all relevant functions for BI/analytics e.g. planning, dashboarding, reporting, simulation, augmented analytics and predictive analytics (own forecasts).
  • Data from different sources (SAP systems, non-SAP systems, cloud solutions or on-premise solutions) is made available to the user
  • Complex business transactions are presented in an easy and understandable way for the recipient through quick and clear analyses
  • Reports can be created independently using the self-service functions
  • Authorizations and accesses can be customized
  • Information is consolidated and facilitates decision making
  • Multi-device: application and data collection is possible on all devices
  • Data security: data can be accessed in the cloud at any time
  • Innovative Reporting
  • Automated Analyses and Reports
  • Real-time dashboards



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