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Neptune DX Platform

The development platform of Neptune Software provides all necessary functions for the complete life cycle of Fiori applications and can be used on SAP as well as non-SAP systems. The applications can also be provided offline-capable and device-independent without middleware.  This feature sets Neptune Software's FIORI development platform apart from the current market offering, which is why Fink IT-Solutions decided to become a partner of Neptune Software GmbH as early as 2013 after extensive market research.

Key takeaways:

  • Fully SAP-integrated development platform for platform-independent web and mobile applications.
  • Possibility to connect any system via REST-API
  • Short project term due to complete integration and use of existing ABAP codes
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Access mobile data at any time, at any place, with any device, from any system
  • SAP and S/4HANA certified
  • Integration into the SAP FIORI strategy

Licensing of Neptune DXP Open Edition and SAP Edition

SAP Edition (formerly: Planet 8) for SAP

The SAP Edition modules of the Neptune DX Platform allows the development of    applications    directly   from   your   SAP system.  There is no requirement for additional server infrastructure, because SAP Edition - as a certified SAP add-on - works directly in your SAP system reducing complexity in installation or maintenance. With Neptune DXP SAP Edition, Fink IT-Solutions offers the suitable development platform, to mobilise    SAP processes    cost-effectively    and    quickly.  Cross-device applications (smartphone-,   Tablet     or   Desktop applications) can be easily built and SAP- processes/data and seamlessly linked.   The Neptune Add-On runs directly in the SAP-ABAP stack - thus no further implementations   of   servers, databases or other middleware systems is required.  

Technical integration

The Neptune DX Platform - SAP Edition is not installed on a separate server system like other solutions. The implementation is done via the import of an SAP transport and the communication infrastructure is based on the well-known SAP on-boarding tools like SICF and SMICM.   The   integrated   Neptune Cockpit enables central administration (bundling, security, menu etc.), deployment   and   distribution of the applications. A separate server landscape with its own database is therefore not necessary, which brings a clear advantage in terms of acquisition and operating costs. This feature alone allows for a quick amortisation, even with only a few apps. In addition, Neptune DXP SAP Edition leverages the existing authorisation structure in SAP and thus avoids duplication of effort for authorisation maintenance and servicing, which further complements to cost advantage. In development, Neptune DXP SAP Edition uses SAP's transport system, which lets clients cleanly separate between development, test and production, as with other SAP developments. This is a great advantage when thinking about topics such as versioning, releases, and test/implementation-strategies.

Open Edition (formerly: Planet 9) for other systems

The Neptune DXP Open Edition module enables the Neptune DX Platform to consume data from any system in your applications. Open Edition is compatible with any Cloud Platform (such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and SAP Cloud Platform), On-premise system (via Cloud Foundry), server and any database and thus opens completely new possibilities for your business applications. Through REST API-centric development, the Neptune DX Platform is thus able to link any infrastructure together.

FIORI Application Development

Both modules have an integrated UI designer, which makes the implementation of SAPUI5 interfaces easy and intuitive with the low-code approach via drag&drop.

With the Neptune Application Designer, user interfaces (UI) can be created with SAPUI5 to provide the SAP processes of the Netweaver platform in a user-friendly way on the mobile device such as smartphone, tablet and desktop. The Neptune Application Designer uses SAPUI5, HTML5 and frameworks from jQuery, jQuery Mobile, etc. for this purpose.

The ABAP developer creates the app comfortably via drag&drop in the Neptune Application Designer. The interface design can be adapted to the company's needs with the techniques commonly used on the market, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, among others, which also ensures scalability in terms of complexity.

Test FIORI Apps


With the Neptune DX Platform, mobile applications can be created and managed quickly and easily for any use case and any system. As a SILVER Partner of Neptune Software Fink IT-Solutions delivers h its own solutions in logistics and maintenance based on the Neptune DX Platform. From the feasibility study, conception and implementation to further development in the SAP and UI environment, Fink IT-Solutions offers you all the necessary services.

FITS/Fiori Apps

Our services

  • Installation and configuration of the Neptune DX Platform
  • Conception of the system landscape for the Neptune DX Platform
  • Training Neptune DX Platform
  • Design of Fiori applications for your business processes
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Implementation of Fiori applications with the Neptune DX Platform


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