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Development, integration and extension with the SAP Business Technology Platform - The basis of your digitisation strategy

Business Technology Platform (formerly: SAP Cloud Platform) is SAP's Platform-as-a-Service solution, which can be used to develop standardized business applications. Numerous tools and services are available on the platform to support development and accelerate and simplify the integration or expansion of business processes.

With the use of the SAP Business Technology Platform, extensions that were previously mapped via Z developments can be implemented for the S/4 HANA system in the future without adapting and changing the core of the new SAP system. This means that SAP's strategy can be followed and a successful migration and installation of the new S/4 HANA system can be achieved at the same time.

As an open, cloud-based platform, the SAP Business Technology Platform povides numerous possibilities for the integration systems or interfaces. For example, applications can be extended with data from existing on-premise ERP / SAP systems by providing certain OData services. Similarly, data from SAP BTP can be integrated into the existing SAP systems. Furthermore, data from standard interfaces and APIs such as SOAP, REST or MQTT can be easily used in applications.

Business processes can be mapped digitally through the rapid development & provision of applications or microservices that contain individual functions in the company. In this way, you can meet the increasing market requirements resulting from digitization. Avoid lengthy rollout and implementation projects by providing simple functions and requirements in small, intuitive applications using SCP. By adhering to the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, applications are designed in a consistent manner.

Database & Data Management

  • Modern data storage with flexible deployment options
  • Master data management
  • Reduction of data redundancy
  • Linking data
  • Capture and link from third-party data


  • Obtain data from various sources and evaluate it in real time
  • Summarize clear overview from all data sets
  • Derive and visualize decisions
  • Optimize analysis processes
  • Use previous results more efficiently for future scenarios



Application Development & Integration

  • Simplify and optimise application development
  • Integrate applications and data from third-party sources
  • Support on-premise, cloud and hybrid landscapes
  • Increase productivity through consistent results

Intelligent Technologies

  • Intelligent technologies, such as AI, automation and Internet of Things
  • Integrating intelligent functions into processes
  • Business development with the help of new and innovative technologies



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Integration possibilities

The SAP Business Technology Platform can be applied in both a cloud and an on-premise landscape.





No need to set up your own hardware infrastructure

Lower costs for administration and maintenance

Development time and implementation of new requirements as well as costs decrease

Access to individual applications set up centrally and across the board, based on user and authorization management

High security features (encryption, security mechanisms according to the ISO 27001/IEC 27035:2011 standard, General Data Protection Regulation)

Secure way into the cloud

Make processes more efficient and process data quickly

Simplified handling of cross-system and cross-service business processes

Use data more efficiently due to merged applications


Our Services

  • Concept and structure of the account model
  • Analysis and consulting for a specific application scenario
  • Architecture consulting
  • Development of hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS devices using the WebIDE / Business Application Studio
  • Sending push notifications via BTP Mobile Service
  • Provision of the applications in a central launchpad / portal  
  • Integration of comprehensive role and authorisation management
  • User management - integration of a corporate identity provider such as Microsoft Active Directory
  • Integration of on-premise SAP and non-SAP systems via SAP Cloud Connector
  • Process and system integration in a hybrid system landscape
  • Intelligent data management using in-memory SAP HANA technology
  • Creation of individual reports and analytics
  • Development of extensions and microservices for the S/4HANA system

  • Deploy smart applications
  • Exploit integration potential and save costs
  • Using machine and sensor data in business processes
  • Use, analyse and process in the ERP system
  • Designing more efficient processes
  • Creation of SAP Fiori applications (extensions)
  • Storage of data in the external archive system
  • System and process integration via standard interfaces
  • Provision of web services
  • Cloud-based applications for the extension of business processes (SAP ERP or SAP S/4 HANA)


As for many other products, a test version for the SAP Business Technology Platform is available on the SAP website. In this test version, a scenario can be reconstructed step by step, services can be integrated and tested.

You can access the test version under the following link:

SAP Business Technology Platform | Free-Tier & Trial Models.



We will be happy to help you personally.