OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions

SAP Extended ECM by OpenText

In many companies, access to SAP and to documents is not possible for certain users for various reasons. In addition, not only possibilities such as archiving documents and structuring documents in electronic files in SAP are needed, but also functions such as resubmission, versioning, reminder functions, mapping of certain processing statuses within the file, extensive metadata such as the start and expiry date of a contract, which can then also be searched for.

SAP relies on its strategic partner OpenText for topics related to Enterprise Information Management. In addition to the solutions SAP Archiving by OpenText and SAP Document Access by OpenText,  OpenText also offers SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText, SAP xECM by OpenText for short. With SAP xECM, a complete document management solution with functions such as resubmission, versioning, reminder functions, etc. is fully integrated into SAP. The highlight is that with the solution, in addition to SAP users, NON-SAP users can also access structured content such as documents, e-mails, etc. via a web portal.


Note: On the OpenText price list the product is called OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions and on the SAP price list SAP Extended ECM by OpenText.

Example procurement file in SAP xECM

When one thinks of the procurement file, the process often starts outside the SAP system. Information on specific products or services is collected and kept in the file system or as an e-mail, without reference to a process or transaction. This circumstance is due to the lack of an SAP process. There is simply no SAP process such as an SAP purchase order. This means that the usual SAP archiving is not possible. SAP xECM enables the creation of a procurement file (workspace) even without an SAP reference. The procurement file is structured according to the company definition. Users can thus work together on procurement and collect their documents and information there. If an SAP purchase order is then created, the so-called workspace of the procurement file is linked to the SAP purchase order. Now the entire content is located in the SAP purchase order and can also be used in the further process steps in SAP. In addition, the relevant SAP data can also be viewed in the ECM system.

The customer can freely define the structure and the links and thus finally jump over the hurdle of an integrated ECM for SAP and NON-SAP users.

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Our services

Concept OpenText Extended ECM

  • Conceptual design of the entire ECM incl. OpenText archiving, OpenText Extended ECM and the SAP-side implementations in the SAP standard transactions.
  • Conception of new SAP processes
    • Redesign / efficiency improvement of existing  processes and systems
  • Migrations (conception, technical implementation)
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and feasibility studies

Installation und Customizing OpenText Extended ECM und SAP

  • Installation und Customizing von OpenText xECM
  • Customizing der SAP Anwendungen
  • Migrationen (Konzeption, Technische Durchführung)
  • Testmanagement

Application Management and Support

  • Requirements management
  • ServicePack installation
  • Release change
  • Operational management concepts
  • Operational management
  • Monitoring
  • Support

  • Central archiving of data and documents
  • DMS functions for SAP and NON-SAP users
  • Support for audit-proof archiving
  • Adherence to external and internal compliance regulations
  • Paperless processes in SAP possible
  • No media breaks
  • Reduction of the TCO
  • Drivers for digitisation strategies
  • Professional ECM solution, also on SAP price list
  • DMS functions such as
  • - Versioning
  • - Checkin/Checkout
  • - Audit
  • - Categorise
  • - Classify
  • - Generate follow-up messages
  • - Create ratings
  • - Referencing, etc.
  • Quick navigation between different business objects, e.g. supplier, contract, order


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