FITS/Room Management

Innovative room management with the FITS/Room Management App

Meeting rooms are a rare resource in many companies. In addition, there is often no overview of the availability of a room when it is needed at short notice and there is no notebook at hand. With the FITS/Room Management application, we offer you an innovative way to digitally update your room management.

Our FITS/Room Management solution allows you to be more transparent about room availability and make ad-hoc bookings without having to have a device at hand.  

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The solution is installed on a tablet that is placed in front of the meeting room and serves as a digital door sign. This makes it possible for every employee to get an overview of the utilization of the room. If the room is needed at short notice and is still available, it can be booked directly via the application on the tablet. Through the integration with Office365, the room is also displayed as booked to the rest of the company's employees.

Individual extensions to the room management solution are easy to implement with Neptune DXP openEdition. For example, a "do not disturb" message or the display of meeting participants can also be implemented in an uncomplicated manner.

The FITS/Room Management application was developed on the Neptune DX Platform Open Edition , which also offers you a wide range of innovative options beyond the room management solution. Not only can you display your SAP applications in Fiori design, but also applications outside your SAP system. As a result, the end user has a uniform user experience and can quickly find his way around the applications.

  • Transparent room management
  • AdHoc room bookings
  • Digitized door signs
  • Integration into the Corporate Fiori design
  • Office365 Integration
  • Modern Fiori Design
  • Independent of the operating system
  • Responsive
  • Automated synchronization with third-party systems


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