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The application process at Fink IT


Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt of their application. Due to the large number of applications received, it may take several days to review the application. However, we try to give each applicant feedback on the status of their application as soon as possible.


In order to get to know applicants whose application has aroused our interest better, we conduct interviews with the applicants and the corresponding colleagues from the specialist departments. Depending on the position, second interviews take place after the first telephone interview.


After an interview, we try to make a decision promptly and include all possible options for joining Fink IT. Since we value transparent communication and you also have to make a decision, it is important to us that you inform us in good time if there are any changes regarding your application and your interest in Fink IT.

Any questions?

Here you can find important facts about Fink IT as an employer and about the application process.

What are the requirements for applicants?

Our selection criteria are based on the requirements of the respective job description. The overall image of the applicant plays the decisive role for us. This means that in addition to professional experience, a person's character is also important to us and must fit in with the respective teams. To find out what Fink IT Solutions stands for, you are welcome to take a look at our corporate values.

Are there application deadlines?

There are no application deadlines.

Can I apply for several positions at the same time?

You are welcome to apply for several positions at the same time. Please note that you should apply for each position individually, as they may differ in their requirements and tasks. We are also happy to receive unsolicited applications if your desired position has not yet been advertised with us.  

Can I also apply for a thesis at Fink IT (Master's/Bachelor's thesis)?

In principle, we offer the possibility of writing final theses in our company. However, we recommend that you have completed your internship with us beforehand.

How does the application process work? 

After we have received your documents, we will send you a written confirmation of receipt via e-mail. The first meeting takes place by telephone interview. In the further course, if there is mutual interest, a personal meeting will follow. (Currently, due to pandemic-related security measures, our interviews take place via telephone or video conference) .

What is the best way to prepare for a face-to-face interview? 

Remember: You have already cleared the first two hurdles. You have already convinced us with your documents and in the telephone interview, so we would like to get to know you even better. At the personal interview, which is also attended by the specialist department, we will talk more intensively about your professional background, your knowledge and your suitability for the advertised position. The aim is to gain a personal impression of you.  

When do I get feedback after an interview? .

A feedback from us can take 2-3 weeks due to the large number of applications. However, they are still in our minds and we are committed to finding the perfect job for them. 

What documents/records need to be submitted?

Please submit only the documents that are relevant to your position: 

   - Permanent position: cover letter, curriculum vitae, high school diploma as well as certificates of study or graduation, relevant certificates of employment/work references, salary expectations, availability 

   - Employment in the context of studies/school: Cover letter, CV, A-levels as well as study or degree certificates, relevant activity certificates/work references, period/duration of employment  .

How can I submit my documents?

By e-mail (documents in PDF format) to 

What characterises the working atmosphere at Fink IT?

The working atmosphere at Fink IT is very personal and collegial. Through regular team events, our FITS FAMILY also grows together beyond the daily work routine. You can also feel this because our employees enjoy coming to work and spend their lunch breaks together in a relaxed atmosphere.  

What does a typical working day look like?

Depending on the area and activity, the working day of our employees varies (consultants, developers...) The consultants and developers are usually on the road for an average of 6 days / month in projects on site.  

Work-life balance is an important issue in the company. The team leaders therefore try to reduce travel to a tolerable minimum.
In Managed Service Support, the average travel time is far below the average for consultants and developers.  

What makes Fink IT stand out at this point is the variety that can be experienced, both in terms of projects and topics.  

Does Fink IT allow flexible working?

We offer our employees flexible working models and home office across all hierarchical levels. In principle, everyone is allowed to work on a mobile basis, as long as this is compatible with their job. 


If you have any questions about your application, you can reach our team that will process your application at:

 0931 730403-31

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