Neptune DX Platform - Developer Bootcamp

Developer Bootcamp with Neptune DXP - Offline App in One Day

Through the Neptune Developer Bootcamp, you will get to know all the tools you need to develop Neptune applications in a practice-oriented way within one day. The focus is on the implementation of offline functionality and the integration of end device functions (e.g. barcode scanners).


  • Basics of the Neptune DX Platform
    • Which components does the Neptune DXP contain?
    •  How can I use them?
  •  Introduction to the Neptune Application Designer
    •  CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Data Flow, Version Management
  • Introduction to the Offline Framework
    • How is offline capability realised?
    • IndexedDB, WebSQL, localStorage and sap.n.Database
    • Differences between the various offline variants
  • Basics of Neptune programming
  • Practical exercise   -  Offline application
    • Creating the first Neptune application
    • Integration of offline functionalities
  • Introduction to Adobe Phonegap Build Services
    • What are Adobe Phonegap Build Services?
    • How do Phonegap Build Services work?
    • Interaction of the Neptune DX Platform with Adobe Phonegap Build Services
  • Basics of native functionality with Adobe Phonegap
    • Options for extending hybrid applications with native functions
  • Practical exercise - Plugins
    • Integrating plug-ins
    • Extending the application with native functions
  • Packaging and distributing the application to mobile devices
  • Questions and answers

The seminar content can be individualised or focal points can be set by arrangement.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to your needs. Bitte kontaktieren Sie dazu unser Büro: or under 0931 730 403-31 or use our contact form.

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